Install TestNG in Eclipse

What is TestNG, Install and Execute the script –

Install from Marketplace

  • Open marketplace window from Help > Eclipse Market Place
  • Find by keyword testing and search
  • Install it

Install as New Software in IDE

  1. Launch the Eclipse IDE and from Help menu, click “Install New Softwaretestng1_001
  2. You will see a dialog window, click “Add” button


3.Type name as you wish, lets take “TestNG” and type “” as location. Click OK.


4. Select TestNG Latest Version Ex. 6.9.12.xxxx


5. Click “I accept the terms of the license agreement” then clickFinish.


6. It downloading software and installation being in process


7. You may or may not encounter a Security warning, if in case you do just clickOK.

testng_68. ClickNext again on the succeeding dialog box until it prompts you to Restart the Eclipse.


9. Verify TestNG installed or not in the eclipse from Window > Preferences > TestNG

10. In the project include the TestNG Reference jar library files on clicking suggesting help ‘Add TestNG Library’


11. Import references in the Class for TestNG annotation ex. @Test


Verify Reference library added in Package Explorer


Or Add TestNG into Java Build Path


Or Add TestNG into Java Build Path


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