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Web Services

What is Web Service Testing? Web Services Testing is testing of Web services and its Protocols like SOAP & REST. To test a Webservice you can Test Manually Create your own Automation Code Use an off-the shelf automation tool like … Continue reading

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Java Oops Concepts

  Inheritance : use parent class veriable and method using child class object Create object of child class and reference of child class, using this object access all methods of base class and child class 2. Create object of base … Continue reading

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Continous Integration and Delivery Model

High Level brief idea about CI CD Normal Development and Delivery cycle happens: Unit Test > Platform Test > Delivery to Staging> Application Acceptance tests> Deploy to Production > Post deploy tests In CI and CD model process of delivering … Continue reading

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Java Inheritance

Learn from my YouTube Video – Java Inheritance Also learn how to setup selenium and write first program In simple term inheritance is nothing but parent-child relationship to accessing once class members into another class. First to understand Static and … Continue reading

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Install TestNG in Eclipse

What is TestNG, Install and Execute the script – Install from Marketplace Open marketplace window from Help > Eclipse Market Place Find by keyword testing and search Install it Install as New Software in IDE Launch the Eclipse IDE … Continue reading

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Selenium 3.0

Refer youtube video – First Program in Selenium 3.0 Explain Selenium 1.0 and RC and how it works Explain Selenium 2.0 Explain changes in Selenium 3.0 Setup 3.0 environment and Demo Selenium 1.0 I would like to start with Selenium 1.0 it … Continue reading

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Deal with Web Elements and Locators to automate by selenium

Refer Youtube video for quick reference – Indetify the Web Elements and Locators – Part 1 &  Indetify the Web Elements and Locators – Part 2 What is Web Element HTML documents are made up by HTML elements. HTML elements are … Continue reading

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